Risk Mitigation

What makes us different?


No time to waste and prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we analyse all possible risks as much as possible in advance. We create a unique bond between all parties in order to form one team instead of acting as individual players. After all, we all have the same goal; make it happen safely without damage and on time.  

Diplomacy and Confidentiality

All parties involved may have ultimately the same goal, they all have different interests. We act as mediator and facilitator and actively look for the best solution to whatever problem is presented on the field.

Risks equal weakness. You entrust us with your risks, we keep the highest level of confidentiality.


Understanding and respecting cultural differences together with speaking 6 different languages, makes our team ideal to assist you in the preliminary phase and represent you on the spot. Reachable 24/7, we are highly committed to personal contact and put great effort in adapting our services to your specific needs.

A 700ton weighing rock crusher moved over 1000meters on a slope of 8% in a quarry. The 17m high centre of gravity shifted during the transport 1,2meters between flat and slope.

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