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Your concern is to assure the cargo arrives safely at its final destination preferably without delay. We help to make this happen.

How? We identify risks upfront, verify the execution of procedures and yes, we take critical decisions on the spot when unforeseen problems occur all in the interest of the cargo.

The last of the ten toroidal field coils manufactured in France for the EU-Japan tokamak JT-60SA, are loaded into the cargo bay of a giant Antonov 124 bound for Nagoya, Japan. The JT-60 SA tokamak, which is being assembled in Naka, is part of the Broader Approach agreement signed between Japan and Euratom, and implemented by QST Japan and the European Domestic Agency for ITER. Each toroidal field coils measuring 7.5 metres high and 4.5 metres wide, for a total payload of 64 ton.

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