Offshore industry: Training and procedures according aviation standards
Project cargo shipment assistance on container vessels
Aviation Standards Applied from dusk till dawn
Lean Six Sigma consultancy in manufacturing and logistic processes
Nuclear industry: reactor dome loading in Japan, offloading in France
Loading of a concrete breakwater in Ireland
World Crane & Transport Summit: Sharing aviation insights and implementing best practices in the Heavy Lift & Project Cargo industry
Critical lifting operation of a refrigeration unit
Engineering for renewable energy industry
Damage assessment and implementation of preventive measures
Offloading pontoons in Melbourne Australia
Engineering for the largest floating solar plant in Europe
Lifting supervision
Aviation industry: Aviation procedure integration in transport operations
Design and calculation of lashing and lifting plans
Training, Risk Prevention and Surveying during windmill component offloading
Lashing inspection and loading of MAFIs
Assistance to a 700ton rock crusher transport on a 8% slope
Risk Prevention Engineering during a heavy lift
Assistance to the loading of a 160ton heat exchanger
Roro operation of a transformer
Power plant generator installation
Assistance to the loading of a FPSO winch
MWS for windmill components
Assistance to a bridge installation
Loading assistance to cable reels in a RoRo vessel
Assistance to the transport of a 122ton heat exchanger
Inspection survey of windmill components
Stowage planning, lashing calculation and loading operations