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Getting your team accomplished and committed, guaranteeing transparent communication, anticipating risks, upholding quality standards and adapting skilfully to changes to achieve your goal.

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Your streamlined process

A team united by know-how, commitment and motivation ensures that your objectives are met.

Greater collaboration, reduced misunderstandings, and improved productivity are encouraged by established communication channels.
Project continuity on time and on budget is ensured by a robust risk management plan that minimizes disruption.
Dealing with unforeseen circumstances in an agile manner is enabled by a plan that is flexible and proactive to change.


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Prevent before operations

Thorough planning and analysis are essential in any operation. By asking pertinent questions and approaching tasks from diverse perspectives, we’re adept at anticipating risks and optimizing operations.

  • Heavy transport risk analysis
  • Mechanical Engineering and construction
  • Manufacturing of packaging and structures
  • Mooring, stability and ballast calculations
  • Lashing calculations for road, sea and air
  • Design of Lifting methods and calculations
  • Charter Party analysis and negociation
  • Training of all operational teams

Act during operations

We provide immediate assistance, acting as unbiased facilitators in the project’s best interest. Our aim is to foster teamwork among all parties involved to drive progress.

  • Heavy lift operations supervision
  • Marine Warranty Survey
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Engineering assistance
  • Survey and inspection
  • Customs Clearance

Sustain all progress achieved

Invest in the future by embracing learning and growth. Our role is to aid companies in establishing sustainable relationships with their suppliers through effective communication strategies. We support divisions in acquiring the skill to ask pertinent questions, anticipate challenges, and make informed decisions through personalized training programs.

  • Tailormade Training
  • Procedures optimisation and standardisation
  • Operational checklists
  • Lean and Six sigma projects
  • Technical support

Our values, beliefs and commitment

In every industry, there’s room for improvement. With a willingness to learn and evolve, coupled with openness and a drive for continuous improvement, progress is achievable.

Through effective communication, creating an effective project team, and the implementation of practical tools and procedures, we install sustainability not only in your projects but also throughout your entire company.

Integrity, Rigor, Realism, Impartiality and Continuous self improvement


You will experience noticeable improvements, as we commit to streamline your process.

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Having conducted safety introductions for 40 years, this training tops them all. It's the most comprehensive, engaging, and practical program I've seen. A game-changer in operational safety!

Michel C. Fagioli Group

Their support empowers our assembly missions globally, providing the confidence we need. ASA France delivers the exact value we lacked for years. Their impact is transformative, ensuring our operations excel worldwide.

Pierre D. Aries Industries - ACB Nantes



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Our inhouse competence and proactive problem-solving culture proves to be unique in the claims handling and risk mitigation market.


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