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By implementing aeronautical principles into other industries, we reduce waste from processes, enhance performance and install sustainability.

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Our mission

Every industry can do better. We can always learn and evolve, as long as there is willingness, openness and desire for continuous improvement.

By communicating efficient, creating a team, and implementing practicable tools and procedures we install sustainability in your projects and within your entire company.


What we do



Proper planning and analysis is key in any operation. Asking the right questions, looking from a different angle, we are trained to foresee risks and enhance operations.

  • Risk analysis
  • Engineering
  • Mooring, stability and ballast calculations
  • Lashing calculations for road & sea
  • Lifting calculation
  • Training of the operational teams


As nothing goes ever as planned, we assist you on the spot, act as impartial party in the best interest of the project and create a team between all parties to make things happen.

  • Survey
  • Assistance
  • MWS
  • Supply chain analysis


Invest in the future, learn and grow. We help companies to built sustainable relationships with their suppliers by learning to communicate. We assist divisions in asking the right questions, anticipating and learning to take the right decisions throughout tailormade training.

  • Training
  • Procedures standardisation
  • Checklists
  • Certification

Certification process

We analyse your current working process, set out a path, define procedures and hand you practical tools. The created procedures are implemented and optimized. We give a tailormade training for your staff (engineers, procurement, operators, …) and assure an annual follow-up and continuous optimization.

You ensure your clients, and more importantly yourself, that sustainability becomes reality.

By being ASA-Certified, you prove to clients and insurers you work according aviation standards and your team is trained to identify and manage risks throughout the entire process.


Our experts

Our inhouse competence and proactive problem-solving culture proves to be unique in the claims handling and risk mitigation market.


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